Battlefield Heroes goes to the Moon

One small step for man, one giant leap for laser-wielding Heroes. Battlefield Heroes™, the hit free-to-play arcade cartoon shooter from EASY & EA, is blasting off to the moon with all-new space themed content. Players can strap on their moonboots and start bouncing around the moon map, ’Lunar Landing’. Using low gravity to traverse the environment and outsmart enemies, gamers can jump over objects and even base jump from a vantage point to take down the enemy faction and lead their team to victory. The ‘Lunar Landing’ map brings a whole new experience to Battlefield Heroes, fundamentally altering the traditional gameplay mechanics of the third-person shooter. To play the all new ‘Lunar Landing’ map, visit and sign up to play for free.

Battlefield Heroes reach another landmark

EA and Easy today announced that Battlefield Heroes reached another landmark as the combined registred userbase now exceeds 10 million players. With regular content updates, rewards and giveaways, we have a vibrant and active community, and since the launch of Battlefield Heroes, over 8 billion bullets have been fired, with nearly 532 million in-game kills. More info here.

Easy supports Swedish Game Awards

For the second year in a row, Easy supports Swedish Game Awards 2012, Sweden’s largest indie game development competition. Apply now on their site and get your team nominated, among other cool stuff there’s a coaching session with our experienced F2P team in the prize pool!

Easy housewarming party

The Easy housewarming party was a big success with over 300 people attending; developers, journalist and gamers in a great happy mix! Thank you all for coming!

Attending Gamex

We’re attending Gamex 2011, one of the largest Games consumer expos in northern Europe. Take the chance to meet the people behind Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free at the EA booth, we will be giving out some free battlefunds!

Easy Studios supports Push The Button

Easy Studios supports the Push The Button Initiative, who work with the gaming industry to provide hospitals and other health institutions with games and other gaming memorabilia. Please read more about Push the Button below

Push the Button Initiative