Work at EASY

EASY is always looking for talented, self-motivated individuals with the capability and drive to push the boundaries of the quality of online games. Whether you’re a mod maker or a senior with fifteen years experience, we want creative, committed, interesting people who aren’t afraid to fail, who love a challenge, who believe they can make our products and our company the best in the industry.

We share offices with EA Nordic at Medborgarplatsen in the very heart of Stockholm, Sweden. The office itself has a fantastic view over Södermalm, and it’s never far to restaurants, pubs, shops and public transport.

If you are looking for a job or an internship and think you’ve got what it takes, please have a look at the current open positions at the job openings page, apply or send us your speculative resume, cover letter and portfolio (if applicable).

Living and working in Sweden
Sweden offers an attractive and rewarding work environment to employees. Labor and employment protection frameworks are strong and there is a national culture of constructive cooperation and dialog between employers and employees.

Social Security system
The Swedish Social insurance aims to provide financial security through a stable welfare society for all. The social security system has many facets, ranging from parental leave and child care to sickness and accident insurance, disability assistance and care for the elderly. The system is administered by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan),  which covers all Swedish residents and is primarily funded by statutory contributions.

Parental Benefits
Sweden is a great place to have children. Parents are together entitled to 480 days of leave from work per child, starting from birth. Sixty days are reserved for each parent, beyond which parents are free to decide how to arrange their leave. The parental allowance is 80 percent of salary up to a maximum and is paid by the social security system. Fathers may also take ten days’ leave in connection with the birth of a child. If you have to stay at home from work in order to look after a sick child under the age of twelve, you may be entitled to temporary parental benefit. You find more information about the Swedish parental benefits system on

To really make a statement of being a modern and supportive company regarding parental leave, EASY has a company benefit called Parental Salary Benefit. This means that employees are entitled to a parental salary that will limit the gap between your normal salary and what you get paid by the social security system as parental insurance while on parental leave. The period you will receive parental salary benefit is determined by the length of your service with the company.

Child care
Like public healthcare, Sweden also features some of the best and most affordable childcare and educational systems in the world. The maximum cost per month for having your child in a child care is approximately. 1200 SEK for one child, approx. 2000 SEK for two children and approx. 2500 SEK for three children. Elementary, secondary, and university education are all high quality and just as exciting, free!

Health care
One of the best aspects of living in Sweden is the inexpensive and high quality public healthcare system here. The Swedish system ranks among the most beneficial in the world and is basically free after the first doctor’s visit.

EASY also offers various health insurance options such as occupational health care for all work-related health issues through our assigned occupational health care provider. We also incentivize our employees to exercise, either in our own studio gym, via our sports club (soccer, innebandy, martial arts, running) or by subsidizing a sport you’re already practice outside of the office. We can also offer negotiated prices at our largest gym company in Sweden. Employees at EASY also enjoys free massage during working hours every third week.

Each employee is entitled to at least five weeks holiday per year, by Swedish law.

We know moving to another country isn’t an easy decision. We see the practical issues as problems we can, and will help you solve.

EASY work with international and local Swedish relocation specialists to tailor each relocation package to fit your specific needs. A typical relocation includes everything from helping you to get a visa and work permit to securing a residence, organizing your move, and finally relocating your household items to Sweden. EASY could also assist in claiming specialist tax relief for foreign expert employees.

Swedish training
EASY offers a minimum of 100 hours Swedish language course for all foreign employees with your private tutor.

Additionally, the state offers SFI (Swedish for immigrants), free Swedish language courses for all people registered in Sweden, hence, this is a great benefit for family members moving here with you.

Training and personal development
EASY offers internal training for your area of competence as well as programs empowered by EA University.
Our employees career development is important to us, you and your manager make a plan together in order to continue personal development in your chosen discipline. This might include onsite training, or training at other prestigious EA studios nearby or even abroad.

The offer
EASY offers you a generous package, in addition to the monthly salary, and the benefits mentioned above, you are also eligible for benefits like; EA stocks, 12 free games per year, 2000 SEK in Health care allowance/year, Friday breakfast and participation in EA bonus and pension schemes. In addition to that, we also offer a voluntary Stock purchase program which allows both permanent and fixed term staff employed by EASY to acquire ownership in the Company by purchasing EA common shares at a minimum discount of 15%.

EASY has a “Long Service Award” for all permanent employees every fifth year of employment to celebrate their tenure with EA.